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LooCafe is India's most innovative WASH Company that primarily leads in sustainable public toilets

Trusted by Municipalities, Organizations, and Communities Worldwide

Join the league of leading cities and organizations who have placed their trust in our innovative WASH technology, making a sustainable impact globally.

Most Innovative Company of the Year.

Swachh Bharat Mission Pioneering Company

Best Sanitation engagement model

Design & Innovation in public toilets that's revolutionized WASH

Designed to end open defecation, uplift streets, communities, engage employment, prevent urban waste and change the narrative around public toilets. LooCafe is the global award winning public toilet model that works


The LooCafe Standard

The world's first, Self Sustainable Free2Use Aspirational Public toilets

An Innovative public toilet model, with toilets at the back attached to a point-of-sale (PoS) while housed inside a shipping container. LooCafe’s currently the only public utility model in its domain of solving WASH challenges that works—because it's sustainable.

Sanitary The proprietary ecosystem of tech, the PoS & the FM team make maintainance a priority.

Accessible 3 public toilet facilities, with one inclusive restroom, added on ramps and customizations are available.

PreFabriacted Built on a BoT basis, making relocation & installation easy with minimal construction & easy repair.

Courteous Build Toilets towards the back & structural reinforcement between PoS & toilets, carefully structured for positive perception demographic wise

Toilet Tech © Stink Sensors, management tech, toilet location, AI operations & inventory management all in one app.

Sustainable Water waste management tech - waterloop & waste management systems ongrid/offgrid

G2RT Toilet - LooCafe Deep Tech Partnership

The Toilet of the future - Generation II reinvented toilet.

LooCafe is the the Gates Foundation's exclusive partner for public toilets. We will be installing the first ever G2RT in a scalable public toilet setting in 2024.

Off Grid: 0 discharge. All waste turns into ash & water

1 Billion $: The whole Gates Foundation's Sanitation mission not including the talent that helped built this.

Deep tech for scale: As sewer systems fail, population increases, and worsening climate change. The need for reinvinting one of the world's most popular practices is eveident

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The LooCafe Mini

Turning street hawkers into Toilet Entrepreneurs

Lean, mean 8x8ft machine. All the features of the LooCafe standard, lower cost, built at scale & double the social impact.

2 toilets attached to the side with a circular economy loop at the core.

Reinvents street hawkers, and roadside stall businesses into real establishments.

All the technology, built for scale & easy accessibility - ensuring maintainence.

Discover our Innovative Solutions

Explore our range of public toilet solutions including mobile toilets, WASH technology, and sanitation products. Each is designed to be scalable, sustainable, and support a circular economy.

LooCafe's Toilet Tech

Maintainence & data for public toilets beyond LooCafe

A Book showcasing the stories of LooCafe's social impact

Widely accoladed book showcasing the stories of 28 toilet entrepreneurs

Community for WASH

LooCafe with its inclusivness has built a thriviing community across domains in various fields, has had an historic youth internship program & education development partnerships. From students to experts.

Leaders in Toilet & Sustainability Design

View our patented scalable, sustainable, and circular economy-friendly solutions.

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Dramatic Impact on Sanitation

Top Innovative Company

Swachh Bharat Mission

For our work with toilets, & all the LooCafe Models

Leaders in Social Design

British Council

For our LooCafe x WaterLoop Models

Grassroots' Leading Innovation


Widespread impact of the LooCafe Mini


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