LooCafe is behind sustainable public toilets in India


The LooCafe Story

A company pathbreaking into the toilet world, with a desire to make a difference. The LooCafe team is known for its resilience, pathbreaking potential and relevance in the toilet industry worlwide. LooCafe now is a global case study on WASH entrepreneruship, innovation, design & urban development. The founding team encompassing of decades of experience in corporate, hospitality & FM supported by a young team of climate entrepreneurs have created the perfect blend of impact for action.

0-450 units

4 years. We're a small leadership team that moves fast

Est. 2019

The Proper LooCafe Infrastructure just started 5 years ago.

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Glimpses through history


The MD of Ixora Group, Abhishek Nath starts the installation of the first ever LooCafe at a transformed waste site.

Hardware work on-site

From brick & mortar to social impact design & communitu development. The leadership team that has experience.

Recieving our first awards

From the TS government as a top innovative company


Despite the pandemic, we moved fast, had had faced mountains of hardship but showed resiliency.


Our initial site inspections & progressive work over the years, with various experts for the first unit

LooCafe today stands as an open API for WASH - Abhishek Nath


LooCafe Model V1




Papery worked with us to build the solution, providing drivers the ability to decide when they want to get paid out—typically within a few hours of a ride.on

Our Stories from history

From running restraunts & resorts, being an area manager to leading global companies, pitching as a startup & now making LooCafe & Ixora Group a global powerhouse for WASH.

MD & CEO, Ixora Group

Abhishek Nath

From a diploma in hotel management, to a director a Fortune50 Multinational, empowered by an entrepreneurial spirit and a real desire to be aggressive and build things. Abhishek Nath's story is nothing short of stellar, making you root for him in whatever journey he goes onwards onto. Even to date, he still spurs on LooCafe from the frontlines inclined to make it a Unicorn in WASH; where he remains a stalwart industry name.

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Pro tip: We suggest you watch Mr. Nath's interviews & videos to learn more about him. His articles help too


→ Our Stellar Team

Chakkravarthi Rajamani

Director, LooCafe

Why Come work with LooCafe?
  • At Loocafe you get to make impact that is evident and changes lives

Krishna Chaitanya


Athma Jairam


Vedanth Nath

Innovation @LooCafe

Decades of Experience + Lightyears of Energy


A diverse team, built to work on unconventional challenges.

Our Company has a 0 Academic Degree Requirement. We're not worried about demographics or what you've done before. We just want to know if you can work on stuff others in the world won't.


Each picture with deep history


Read more of our grassroot stories via Toilet Tales

Life @LooCafe

Ambitious team that gets you involved in the real things, with the love & respect you deserve.

LooCafe supports renegades. People who'd work on making an unconventional path, empowered by youthful energy & an eagerness to progress. We're a company part of a global ecosystem, and we want you to be a part in shaping it, firsthand. Quick promise we want to make already: Everything you do will have a direct real-world impact that you can witness & feel fuliflment about.

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Currently on the lookout for people interested in Governance, Operations & Sales

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