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14 A Helping Hand

GHMC ixora Workers in Hyderabad went above and beyond when they saw a pregnent women in deistess. they quickly created a private space using sheets as makeshift curtains and assisted her in giving birth right there in roadside.

12. Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi

Ixora Celebrates vibrant 10 days ganesh chaturthi with staff .

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Chandigarh all set to get Loo Cafe


The cafe will be made attractive with interior colour schemes and proper hygiene. The plan is to have tea, coffee, samosas, French fries and sandwiches in the cafe. These things are also being planned to be home-delivered through Swiggy or Zomato. Radio, WiFi and security is also being considered. Advertisements for earning more revenue may also be allowed.

Bihar: Loo Cafe to Grace Patna at Six Locations with Modern Toilet Facilities


This unique establishment aims to offer not only delectable food and beverages in an attractively designed café but also modern toilet facilities utilizing cutting-edge technology. This marks the first time such an experiment is being undertaken in Patna, with construction underway at six locations in the initial phase. Under the directive of the Municipal Commissioner, the project is progressing swiftly.

How technology is powering sustainable public toilets in Telangana


"Public toilets are notoriously difficult to maintain, often shutting down within six months due to a lack of sustainability plans. Ensuring high hygiene standards requires seamless coordination between various departments. Our tech-enabled command center revolutionizes this process by monitoring and mapping cleaning standards and frequency, ensuring public toilets remain clean and operational.”

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